Block Craft 3D: City Building App Reviews

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Baaaad when I having fun I was just running out of blacks

I have to did agree with you but you are not a good friend of paying for 99$99 that is a problem and a 100 50 40 10 20 5 REALLY Really bbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaAaaaaaaddddddddddd is that really good for you to be telling me that you are not meaning to be good come come come to the best game it is bad I am Completely Horrified

blockcraft 3D

This is a very fun game if u like building and having fun with friends.

I love block craft


I hate this app

It dose not work

Good but ehhh

Whenever you try to put down a block and a villager is in the way its so annoying:( plz make an update to fix this...

Go back to old version

Back before all the updates it use to be fun had a huge town in multiplayer and now multiplayer is gone its no fun now u can play with other people BRING BACK MULTIPLAYER....

Plz put these updates on the game

It is great you can name them But put these updates on plz put this update where you can chat with villagers and put this update where the villagers can build for you

The best game EVER!



Block craft is really Awesome because it is easy to build your village because it shows You the blocks you need, and were to build them. Also instead of using Minecraft you can play this with no mobs.

New update is so bad!!!

The game used to be fun but then came the new update where you had buy everything I dont have 400 gems just to get three lamps! I used to be able to watch a video and then get something for free. Now I have to Pay 400 gems to get one of the furniture or something I dont like it. It was better with the videos.

Awesome but..

It is awesome but I think you can really like make it that you can chat with your villagers


I love this it gives you amazing ideas and gives you totorals


Good game to play all the time to


This game is addicting! I cant stop playing it!

Eh, a 1 time thing

I wish the blocks never run out or at least a creative mode? I want to tell you a list of things and you dont need to buy special stuff with diamonds • an creative mode when blocks never run out ( option ) • magenta clay blocks • no 500 diamonds to get things like that • an always day option I want the first and last to be an option because a lot of people like it the way it is ? so there is a button that says creative or regular and a button that says always day. ???????????❤️???

Block craft 3D rules

You can build your own village and get new buildings and villagers it is super cool

Highly recommend for 3 and under

THIS GAME IS LIKE FOR 3 YEAR OLDS >:( I was expecting it to be like minecraft where its WAY BETTER THIS IS SUCH A SUCKY GAME >:(


I mean its a really great game But I kinda wish that you could have a book of ingredients that tells you what you need to lour an animal to a pen or something. Like different books for different animals. But anyway like I said its a really awesome game I totally recommend it for anyone who plays minecraft or wants to but cant because it costs money. This free game is amazing!!!!

Awesome game

Great free game for kids and adults who like to build stuff. Its a really good alternative to Minecraft because you can do more without having to pay anything. Lots of things to do!

Not the best?

I was hoping for something better it is a good game I get to be creative in it but I cant get animals in less I pay money and I keep running out of blocks.. I got this game looking for something like Minecraft that doesnt cost money but this game does cost money. I recommend to not get this app in less u have a lot of free time and money..

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